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Frequently Asked Questions.
1. What are the eligibility criteria to become a Gig worker?
A person who is trained and expert in his/her field is eligible to become a gig worker. A person should be able to work for a temporary or project based job. Unlike traditional jobs, gig workers get a particular task for a certain period of time.
2. How do I become a gig worker?
A gig worker is someone who works for one or more clients. To become a gig worker you must be professional in any field, which includes: Photography, production assistant, Writer, Baby-Sitter, DJ, Video editor, Even planner, Face Painter, Dog Trainer, etc. To become one you can join our online platform to find the jobs that suit you.
3. Do I need customer service experience to become a Gig worker?
Gig Workers and Customer service go hand to hand. Solving the problems of the client should be a priority. Gig workers should have experience in customer service to support their clients round the clock.
4. Are there any tools I need to become a Gig worker?
There is no particular tool that you require to become a gig worker. If you are a photographer, you will require a camera that is required to do your job for a client. Similarly, the Writer should have his own Typewriter, laptop, or a PC to write his/her articles.
5. How much and how do I get paid?
The pay of the gig worker varied by classification and industry. In particular, the average income of the gig worker can be considerably higher as compared to the traditional workers.
6. Do I get paid separately for the laptop/phone/internet connection I am using?
No, as you will be paid on an hourly basis or for each incidence you handle. So, You have to use your equipment at your own cost.
7. How do I get promoted to next category level?
You are assigned to a category, based as per your experience, test score, education & current performance. Moreover, the category is reviewed again based on the performance, customer feedback, timelines, and work attitudes with full transparency in the process.
8. Do I sign an agreement with Gigmo Solutions pvt. Ltd?
Yes, there will be an agreement between you and the company stating you as an independent worker. The agreement will include responsibilities, data protection, and privacy clauses. Further, the agreement will also include the taxation liabilities towards the government on your earnings. You will be provided with the agreement to read and sign before you start.
9. What are my benefits as Gig workers?
As a GiG worker, you get a chance to polish your skills. You also earn money on a per-hour or incidence basis and your earnings increase will increase your category ladder. This experience will also shine in your C.V. or resume.
10. How do I start?
To become a GiG worker reach us at info@gigmos.com