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Welcome to Gigmos

A trusted place to provide services, solutions, and staffing market space.


Gigmos assists your company with temporary remote assistance or ongoing support for your dispersed gig personnel – either way we support you, your customers, and your workforce.

The support we offer enables your workforce to remain efficient through real-time guidance and learning, while ensuring online security and keeping them safe by limiting unnecessary interactions and travel.

Our team, complemented by the best technology, is unstoppable. We ensure that we use the knowledge gained through customer interactions to uncover gaps, predict issues before they occur, and thereby consistently improving processes. Our solutions are flexible, placing control in the hands of our customers in order to optimize your operations and elevate support, which will help to ensure that your brand stands out.

Our Focus Customers:


1. New Innovators : Small/Mid sized companies who have developed a new product and are about to launch or have only just launched their product and/or customer support.

2. Mid to Large Companies who have a running product, with either in-house tech customer support or some proportion of tech support outsourced

New Innovators

We provide plug and play technical customer support across the customer lifecycle.

Our expert and passionate team will work with you to gain complete comprehension of your product and to understand the projection of the volume of support required.

With that done, leave the rest to us – our range of managed services will ensure that you can focus on your core business.

We will support your processes and business needs with a budget that works! Our tech support manages custom applications, while your company can use our innovative platform to monitor performance.

The best part is that control remains with your company – you are free to allow us as much control as you wish. We are equipped to provide end to end seamless support – searching, testing, selection, onboarding, training, and support delivery.

Of course, you could choose to manage all this using our customer friendly and secure platform, or opt for the hybrid model.
This will make it the hybrid (Human Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence) platform to use bots and humans in a perfect combination.

Mid to Large companies

Your business could be supported by an in-house team or a partly outsourced support team.

You could still be facing some challenges in providing speedy technical support and/or bring cost efficiency and/or manage seasonal business spikes leading to higher support volumes

Gigmos can provide staff augmentation with much shorter ramp up or ramp down times enabling you to effectively manage support volume spikes without incurring astronomical costs as with traditional vendors.

Since Gigworkers are paid per support based on support tickets and quality of customer interaction, they leave no stone unturned to ensure customer experience is top notch. We ensure that.

Our inhouse technical management team ensures Gigmos delivers all the KPIs agreed with you.

Gigmos’ model is flexible enough to let you choose how much control you want to give us, whether you want to use your own platform or use Gigmos platform to manage the ticket routing and plethora of other options including but not limited to Gigworker selection, onboarding, training and deployment, monitoring of support delivery

Gigmos is successfully enabling this for top software companies of the world.

If you would like to reduce support costs, have better CSAT scores and manage your seasonal spikes then take the first step and book a meeting with us by clicking the green button on top right corner of the screen. We will explain you in detail how Gigmos can achieve this. 

Our outsourcing services teams are constantly trained in operations management and quality assurance, resulting in exemplary tech customer service. We would be happy to tell you more – connect with us and you will receive a speedy response.