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Cutting Edge Gigmos Platform

Gigmos platform connects customers to Gig Workers and Artificial intelligence bots


Gigmos platform is AI enabled to manage a large taskforce to deliver top line tech customer support. Gigmos is an outcome based engagement platform for tech support personnel and propels accountability, excellence, and higher productivity. Artificial Intelligence embedded in every module ensures accuracy and time saving in each of these activities Gigworker selection, hiring, onboarding, training and support delivery.


Hiring and Onboarding

Gigmos platform enables identifying best fit Gigworker for the client needs. Search and identification module in the platform ensures right Gigworkers are identified in no time. Onboarding module ensures client specific onboarding is a breeze.

Delivery Excellence

Delivery Excellence

Platform enables Gigmos inhouse technical leads and team mangers to ensure customer experience is the top priority at all teams. POD model and review mechanism ensures accountability and performance mindset.

Feedback and Analysis

While delivering support to customers, platform analyses various aspects of data and prepares detailed feedback on top call generator issues among other data points. This feedback and reporting can be shared with clients.

Ensures Data Security

Gigmos platform ensure data security at all levels. Level of access to different support professionals can be configured. Data is end to end encrypted. Gigworkers access is sandboxed and hence no data can be put out of the sandbox. Ensuring customer data security is absolutely intact.

Easy Integration with client platform

Gigmos platform can be easily integrated with client’s platform to enable existing tickets can flow into Gigmos platform. This is an optional module and clients can choose to use Gigmos platform to directly take customer issues and convert them into support tickets.