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Gigmos Platform
Gigmos is a platform that enables its employees access according to the level of security granted by the administrator. These employees are categorized as Admin, HR, Team Managers, Engineers, and General Users.
General User Console

This console contains all the information about the attendance, working days, NSAT, and SRR. The user can punch-in his time-in and time-out details from this console.
Also, anything related to the productivity factor of the said employee can be gauged from here.

The Administrator Console

Just like any other administrator console, the Gigmos Administrator Console provides all privileges to the administrator. The console, which is a GUI, has all statistical data regarding all the users/processes.
The Administrator has the rights to add/edit/delete user profiles, make changes to the attendance, leaves and other details.

The Users List

Administrators have a number of options to add users to the existing list. First, they can login as admin and add a new user through the UI. Second they can also upload the users into the Gigmos platform using a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.
In case the administrator desires to take a backup, he can export the user list to any one format he chooses.

The Gigmos Profile

This platform is specially designed for gig workers like independent contractors, online platform workers, contract firm workers, on-call workers and temporary workers etc.
They can mark their attendance, leaves, create leave exceptions, and comp-off.

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