The world has shrunk. The technologically developments and improvements, especially in the realms of data analytics, robotics, and artificial intelligence have significantly reduced distances. People and goods and services they need or want are now easily accessed, and the same is true even for the realm of employment. Today, it is possible for people to work from anywhere for any company anywhere in the world, and companies today are relying more heavily on the contingent or ‘gig workers’ for specialized projects. Gig work is perfect for technical support too! Working independently and on several short term assignments has become the norm, especially post the upheaval caused by Covid19 – a destructive pandemic.

The technological advancements are supporting the altered modes of work – moving from the traditional work from office fixed hours routine to a work from home flexible one. The gig economy is ensuring that commuting time is zero, there is enhanced productivity, and gig work is possible even for technical support services. As a human cloud platform, with a hybrid model (AI + Human Intervention), we see tremendous opportunities for technical support gig workers to leverage assignments. Gig work is perfect for technical support for customers – easy and swift resolution of issues, given the highly skilled and experienced tech support personnel who have now chosen to be part of the gig economy. Given the skill, technical expertise, time availability, and experience of the gig workforce, companies today are moving to incorporate gig workers as part of their overall personnel and operational strategies.

Technology – The Seedbed Catalyst

The birth of the gig economy can be attributed to technology and the advancements within this realm. The rise and future boom of this economy can also be attributed to technology. Statistics show that by the year 2030 a major part of the workforce would comprise of gig workers. With new and improved technology taking over every realm, technical support jobs are in demand and will continue to be so. Artificial Intelligence combined with human intervention (#gigmosolutions) is here to stay. For India, a report by Rewire for Growth predicts that the annual Gross Value Added for India can move up by 1.3%, translating to an increase of 15% in income for the country by 2035.

Technology – The Catalyst

As per current trends, it is clear that organizations will move to gig workers, to save cost and increase operational efficiency. As the gig economy begins to consolidate organizations will move to gig workers, to save cost and increase operational efficiency. This would encourage more people to move towards gig work – no overheads of commuting, maintaining a wardrobe for office, necessary physical appearance upkeep, and personal time spent in traveling and long working hours – all very attractive reasons. With new technologies and the fast pace at which they are updated, consumers do have a tough time matching the pace. This is where gig work is perfect for technical support for customers – imagine the possibilities and opportunities!

Win-Win Situation for All

The gig economy and technology are here to stay – hence the questions of who can benefit from it and in what way? Those experienced with or who have the aptitude for technical support will most definitely enjoy the benefits – flexibility to choose projects and work hours. The subject of predictability, which may have been a concern earlier, seems to be diminishing as a problem. With gig work, diversity by way of several sources of income is actually more secure than being dependent on a single employer.  For employers, it translates to reduction in costs – no fixed salaries and benefits to be paid, no cost of hiring and training (since most gig workers are experts in their realm of work), lowered cost of maintaining a bigger office, and reduction in overheads of related types.

As a gig worker for technical support, your knowledge of technology potentially opens several doors for better and more lucrative assignments. Technology has removed the monopoly employers enjoyed over work schedules and helped all stakeholders have greater control over the work they do. As we progress in the future, one can expect an increased role of gig workers in the business landscape, and an increased use of technology to facilitate the same. Interestingly, tech companies are leading the adoption of gig work, changing the landscape of technical support and other realms of work. If you have the skills or the aptitude for technology, making a great living with gig work is certainly for you – connect with us to know more on how you can!

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